Stop Xcode Adding File Headers

Prevent Xcode from Adding Headers to Files 17 lines


New Email Alias Shortcut for Apple Mail

Quickly Create Email Alias in Mail on macOS 71 lines


Docker Add File to Image

Docker Add File to Image 4 lines


Docker Run Command in Container

Docker Run Command in Container by Name 1 line


For Each File Loop

Run Bash Command for Every File in a Directory/Glob 1 line


Import Service Workers in Next.js

Emit Service Workers to the Root Directory 20 lines


Next.js Custom 'localIdentName'

Set webpack css-loader 'localIdentName' in Next.js 17 lines


Cloudflare Dynamic DNS

Bash Script to Update Cloudflare DNS Records 143 lines


Docker Build with Host Networking

Build Docker Containers with Host Networking 1 line


Coloured Reversed Output for Systemd Services

Preserve Colours in journalctl 1 line


Find MAC Address of Default Gateway

Linux. IPv4, IPv6 6 lines


Fix Damaged macOS Applications

Fix Damaged macOS Applications 2 lines


Image SD Card on macOS

From https://blog.jaimyn.dev/ ??? lines


Install Trusted Root Certificate

Install Trusted Root Cert into macOS Keychain 4 lines


Copy Files over SSH

Using rsync 1 line


macOS mDNS Utilities

IP to Hostname + Hostname to IP 2 lines


TCX Laps to GeoJSON Markers

TCX -> GeoJSON 13 lines